Trinity Contemporary Gallery: a glimpse at the best English contemporary drawings

Art Paris Art Fair hosts some exceptional contemporary drawing representatives. Within the “Promises” section dedicated to latest creations, an emerging Londoner gallery stands out for its graphic art works standards. Created in 2008, Trinity Contemporary is now for the first time part of an international contemporary art fair. The co-director of the gallery, Luce Garrigues, gathers her impressions and introduces the artists the gallery exhibits.

Trinity Project: Kate Atkin London Pleasures
Trinity Project: Kate Atkin London Pleasures

This is your first show at an international art fair, why did you choose Art Paris Art Fair?

It’s a highly emotional moment for us. In fact it’s Guillaume (Editor’s note: Guillaume Piens, General Organizer) who discovered us and convinced us to come. He’s got an amazing approach, he is a passionate man who goes off to find creations with a sincere heart. You have to dig a little bit to find us, although we are in the heart of London, we are anxious about our privacy and don’t dress the gallery window.

What were the public first reactions?

It was very positive, the visitors, collectors and buyers who came at the opening were both intrigued and pleased. They found time to gaze at the art works and embrace their different universes. We had pleasant encounters. Potential buyers have already come several times. Drawing arouses interest more and more. The art market prices are still accessible. For example, in our gallery, the rate varies between less than €1,000 and €15,000. This attracts new buyers as well and brings attention to these new artists.

Frances Richardson -  I-beam to pass through    2013 MDF, bolts, nuts, paint  H.283cm W.162cm D.90cm  With the courtesy of Trinity Contemporary
Frances Richardson – I-beam to pass through
2013 MDF, bolts, nuts, paint H.283cm W.162cm D.90cm
Courtesy Trinity Contemporary

By the way, would you tell us something more about the gallery’s concept and the relations you keep with the artists that you represent?

Actually we don’t represent any artist; we choose to work on an intense and nonexclusive collaboration level. It’s based on mutual trust. We care about artists whose main occupation is drawing, but this doesn’t mean that we only propose drawing per se, it’s not confined to the limits of sheet paper. For example, Frances Richardson conceives drawings in the tradition of Renaissance disegno, which combines gesture, concept and intention. She created “I-beam” to walk through, it is a 3-D piece of   over two meters high that we exhibit at the centre of our stall, which accurately illustrates her reasoning, since it deals with the idea of what is done with an object and not the object itself. More generally, one must find time to examine the art works we present, with complete peace of mind. These works are very calm and lead the public into meditation.

Layla Curtis
Layla Curtis
London Index Drawing (p.82 – 83)
2009 Pen on tracing paper 33 x 40.5 cm. Courtesy Trinity Contemporary.

Some of the art works you present evoke Russia…

Echoing the theme of this edition of the Art Paris Art Fair, we allow artists to collaborate in order to create a unique art work which will explore Russia on both geographical and cultural level. For example Layla Curtis is particularly interested in map-making and looking at the world as we personally perceive it. She wraps up the globe with tracing paper in several manners. The map of Russia appears then with the name of towns written with Rotring, or a map of Moscow… As for her, the map can allude to something more digital, like an ultrasound scan. It’s quite blatant with the Russian map. The map traces itself, but it is the dialogue between the map and the artist that brings forward totally different emotion concerning each art work. Finally I’m working with explorers who discover new horizons and new areas.

What are the upcoming artistic events you will be part of?

We are attending the contemporary drawing exhibition “Drawing Now” from 11th to 14th April. We must be very selective but I’m already thinking that we’ll come back at the Art Paris Art Fair next year.

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DRAWING ROOM – Artist curated exhibition ‘Abstract drawing’ by Richard Deacon, opening 20 February 2014

Tannery Arts, 12 Rich Estate, Crimscott Street
London SE1 5TE

LE PAVILLON BLANC – Exposition collective ‘Etrange Nature’ avec Kate Atkin, Cécile Beau, Emilie Benoist et Hicham Berrada – du 25 janvier au 26 avril 2014

Centre d’Art Le Pavillon Blanc
1 place Alex Raymond
31770 Colomiers

Kate Atkin expose au Pavillon Blanc
Kate Atkin, Starling, 2012. Crayon sur papier. 220 x 165 cm.
Courtesy Trinity Contemporary, Londres, © Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin

Artiste anglaise vivant à Londres, née en 1981 et diplômée en 2005 du Royal College of Art, Kate Atkin a fait du dessin un de ses mediums de prédilection sans s’y résoudre. Réalisées à partir de photographies, collés sur bois et installés, ses œuvres décrivent minutieusement des textures de coquilles de moules ou encore d’écorces de bois.

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